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with three other american diplomats, all murdered in what u.s. officials are now investigating as a possible terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. while americans mourned, mr. romney saw a political opportunity. >> the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in egypt instead of condemning their actions. in my view, a disgraceful statement on the part of our administration to apologize for american values. >> sympathizing with them all, apologizing for our values? this is rough talk and ugly stuff and president obama responded. >> there's a broader lesson to be learned here. governor romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later and as president, one of the things i've learned is that you can't do that, that it's important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts and that you've thought through the ramifications before you make them. >> do you think it was irresponsible? >> i'll let the american people judge that. >> mr. romney was virtually alone today in making a political issu
's be clear. governor romney claims the obama administration apologized for american values after u.s. embassies were attacked. this is not true. and the president agrees. >> it appears that governor romney doesn't have his facts right. >> criticism of the president in moments when americans are under attack is no time for politics and to have the facts wrong just compounds the wrong. so knowing this, why wouldn't he correct the record? why won't he admit the mistake? because it fits right into the political attack he and paul ryan have been trying to make, that president obama weakens america by apologizing for america. it's an awful, mean-spirited claim and most shocking. that the president sympathizes with terrorists. >> the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in egypt instead of condemning their actions. >> i disagree that the administration put out in cairo sympathizing with those who were storming the embassy. >> sympathizing with those storming the embassy. think about this. romney and ryan are saying that the pr
's not true either. president obama praises the s.e.a.l.s who killed bin laden every chance he gets. the truth is, republicans are desperate because for the first time in decades, they can't pretend like they are trusted on the issue of national security. for years they've campaigned as if they were the only ones who could be tough on america's enemies. the only party that could keep america safe. republicans have used the image of war and tragedy to make political arguments. in 2004 president bush even used a photo of ground zero in a political ad. >> i'm george w. bush and a prove this message. >> the last few years have tested america in many ways. some challenges we've seen before. and some were like no others. >> 9/11 families accused the bush campaign of exploiting the tragedy. but he refused to stop running the ads. that was 2004. but 2012 is different. bin laden is dead and the bush wars are ending. americans trust president obama on national security because mitt romney is literally not talking about the issues that matter to them. in his speech at the republican convention, romney di
number and inos s,ouble digits on substantive issues. >> look, this is not at this point just about who you want to sit down with for a casual evening. >> right. >> this is who you want sitting behind the desk in the oval office deciding whether to ucherize medicare, raise taxes on the middle cls, pti social security. and krystal is right, romney had to move far to the right but having watched that tape, that's where is he comfortable. that's the best and easiest performance that i've seen him give. of course, his worst peormae, i ink le h fed out. i think the ryan pick helped him figure it out. we still have the debates, the romney campaign inexplicably is raising their expectations. it's not really inexplicable. the's a reason for it. they've got a lotf win supporters and some of the super pacs they've got to say just wait for those debates on october 3rd. >> krystal, wanted to cut mr. romney someslack. to be fair, the area that he is up is until budget deficit and he's winning in the polls 4%. it's the only area that he beats the president 4% in terms of the deficit. but before you c
and today we're getting our first look at the scene of the attack inside the u.s. consulate in libya. awful images of where the four americans were killed. without question, the turmoil is that until that region is a major issue in this country, a serious challenge that calls for all of us to be sober and unified as americans. and that's why the political gains that the romney campaign pulled this week were so off key and so wrong. they came before anyone knew the facts is now the least of it that we are now dealing with the acrimony back and forward. because even today governor romney repeated his ugly and fault claims that president obama sympathized with those that attacked our embassy. but it's the party he now leads, if that's the right word for it. a conservative radio host received cheers for standing behind romney's statements. senator john mccain attacked the president, questioning his leadership today. this is a stark contrast to what our president was doing today and doing this week. he's been trying to bring americans together and do his job as our commander in chief. >> even as
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and even though his wealth makes him part of the 0.0025% s. it fair? it's legal but is it fair? >> exactly. >> and he's advocating this. >> right. and that is sort of the definition of scandal in washington. it's not what is illegal. it's what is legal. here is something that is legal but patently unfair and that's what rils voters. not did mitt romney make a few extra bucks from the president, he just happens to be an example of that. >> now, michelle, one of the other things is that based on all of this, based on an obvious situation now between his vice presidential candidate, those words in 2010, just two years ago, and his deeds, you then also say, okay, what are your tax policies? if you think this is fair what you're paying but he won't even be specific about his tax policies. look at what he said in a "60 minutes" interview last night when he was asked specifically what his tax policies would be. >> well, that's something that congress and i will have to work out together. >> you're asking the american people to hire you as president of the united states. they say, here are some sp
in elections throughout the 1980s and disgraced for his ties to lobbiest for jack abramoff. then went on to court the evangelicals. for bush campaign. how is reed doing it? his faith and freedom coalition is blitzing evangelicals with mailer like this one of obtained by mother jones. it scares up the christian right by asking them questions like, how much danger do you think liberty is in right now as a result of president obama's policy. more serious than the threats we faced in world war ii from nazi germany and the japanese or more serious from the soviet union during the cold war, or more serious than the american civil war? and what is president obama's true political ideology, they ask? is he a socialist, a communist or a fascist? this is what mitt romney is reduced to, relying on ralph reed to send out questionnaires like this to scare up the base? but make no mistake, romney's glad to stand behind his man. >> ralph has been a real champion in fighting for the fundamental values that have made america the nation it is and i appreciate the work he has carried out over these last
in the middle east, you know. ask the navy s.e.a.l.s who helped to get the most wanted terrori terrorists. it's like the three stooges. john, newt, and donald trump. really, like the three stooges on steroids and this is, again, cold. when you hear lazy, that's the kind of code word that they would say about african-americans in the '60s, the '50s, and decades before. this is nothing more than just out right racism. again, as i've said before, it's not jim crow. it's not senator eastland. it's not lester maddox. it's james crow esquire in a pin-striped suit, the sophisticated cousin and, quite honestly, i don't think your children, my children, all of them are grown and this jej rags is falling for it. you know the reason why? because they've gone to school with people of different nationalities, different colors. they've competed with people. they know men and women like michelle obama. they know men like barack obama. and they are not falling for it and they are the neadrethals. they are wondering, what cave did you come out of? >> ana marie, is this due to desperation that they are going b
children and his family and at a time worrnd tling pollsters s are that they don't believe their children are going to do better than they d, these are the strategy that he uses to make sure his children are multimillionaires without lifting a finger when their childr cannot get jobs. so in every ila tt eve referred to before, is this kind of empathy gap where people really don't believe that mitt romney can understand them, that he wants to help them because he doesn't think that he knows them. steve, on top of that, the economic policinstitute has me o wit a s o ey budgetnd they ha actually concluded that his judge jet kills jobs. a new study shows that romney's budget would cause aet loss of 554,000 jobs by 2014. >> ah. ll, fleed w u hane of advisers that have gotten into a thing where he's put it out there, if the numbers don't quite add up, we're not going to see the kind of tax reductions that we were talking about, maybe it's a lile flexible. now e caaign isa i 'vowathe nbers don'ad up. if you try to make them add up, there are disastrous consequences. romney is saying, if you ele
time since the 1990s 4.5 million jobs in the private sector and counting. we passed the affordable care act which added eight years of solvency to medicare and began to reduce our deficit. we are better off. and we need to continue to move this economy forward. and we need a president in the white house like barack obama who's going to continue to fight for the middle class and working families. make sure if you work hard and play by the rules that everyone has a chance to be successful. not like mitt romney who thinks if we just shower a little more largesse on millionaires and billionaires, maybe the crumbs will trickle down and fall on top of the rest of us. that's not the policies to go back to. they nearly crashed our economy. >> let me ask you quickly, as i let you go and i appreciate you being with us, what do you fear the most as you go into this convention as chair lady? the big money that citizens united decision has allowed the democratic party to have. first time we've seen in probably our lifetime where an incumbent president will be outraised. are you afraid of the money o
class like it did in the '40, '50s, and '60s. another interesting thing happened, reverend al, a new study found that we can finally say for the first time that barack obama has created net jobs in this term. >> right. >> so the same day we find out that the romney plan is going to cost us jobs, we see that president obama, even though when he took office we were lose being $750,000 -- >> which they tried to put on him. >> which they tried to put on him. >> even with those horrible jobs he created a net gain. >> joan walsh, steve cornacki, thank you for your time tonight. don't miss steve on "the cycle" right here on msnbc at 3:00 p.m. >>> ahead, they said our president wasn't born in america. they said he apologizes for america. now they have a new smear. it wreaks of desperation. >>> and bill clinton is talking about being president again. just not here. stay with us. >> i don't get it, folks. how could romney be behind? he's so popular that his fans are releasing bootlegs of his speeches. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips'
happened in the 1990s. look how the deficits came down. didn't harm the economy to have those higher tax rates. that's all barack obama wants to go back to now. and the other reason is simply there's a contrast here between what happened under bill clinton and under george w. bush. it's hard for barack obama to be explicit about saying that. when he invokes bush, it's easy for the republicans to say he's blaming the predecessor. that doesn't apply to clinton. >> michelle, he can talk about the tax rate and his creating 20 million jobs and the tax rate with bush being much lower, losing 663,000. doesn't that speak to a core group white male voters that president obama is being outflanked by in a large measure by mr. romney probably the area that he's having the most difficulty with. doesn't bill clinton and the jobs program on those jobs numbers directly address that audience? >> bill clinton had his own breed of clinton democrat. that is what republicans talk about obama having trouble with. so what you want to do, nobody feels your pain to this day better than bill clinton. you send him
speech. watch this. >> they were essentially saying you don't care about the u.s. military because you would have mentioned the war and troops in your acceptance speech. do you regret opening up this line of attack? now a recuring attack by leaving out that issue in the speech. >> i'm going to regret you repeating it day in and day out. you talk about the things you think are important. >> things that you think are important. is he saying that afghanistan and the troops being there is not important? >> well, if you listen to the answer, that is really exactly what he said. i think it's not important to him electorally. i think he's got a lot of data coming in from polls this is not going to be an election that pivots on afghanistan. the problem, though, is he left that field totally to barack obama and the democrats. and the democrats took all the credit that they wanted to and have basically taken that issue off the table for republicans for the first time in decades. so again, that i think was a big error on romney's part. and the democrats took full advantage of it. one note of caut
credit, a great wage subsidy that helps low earners do better, folks at the very top of the scale s a corporation a tax break and creates a job a maker or a taker? both. this it is a completely nonsensical division. one thing we have in this town where you happen to be sitting today called washington is a level of gridlock, of divisiveness, of argumentation, of an inability for people to recognize that if you try to get away if you try go this you're on your own route, all it leads to is exactly the kind of problems we have now but far deeper. >> you have got to deal with the language of today, if you're rich and get business you can it is a subdidsidy. >> that is a taker. >> governor romney's mother once receive aid cyst tans. so people will not think we are liberals making accusations, let show you a tape of mitt romney's mother talking about this. this is mrs. romney. >> they say since's man of considerable means he really doesn't care about people. >> you know, we have only owned our home the last four years, avenues refugee from mexico. he was on relief, welfare relief for the
choices, they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century. i believe women should be in charge of their own health care decisions. we are not going backwards. we are going forwards. in november you can say that in this century, women should be trusted to make their own health care choices. >> and tonight we will see women making that appeal to women on the biggest stage in democratic politics. joining me now is senator barbara boxer, democrat from california. senator, it is nice to see you. thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> i am so excited to be here and to be on your show. >> well, senator, what do democrats have to do on the issue of women in the convention? >> we have to tell the truth. we have to tell the country that president obama has stood by our side. he's fighting for our right to choose. he is fighting for our right to earn equal pay for equal work. he's there for us. i think that appeals to women and men. men depend on women. you know, when you look at our families today. we find men and women both working, both sharing resp
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.d. cards. in other words, the state has to prove, rather than just claim that voters can easily get the i.d.s they need and they may find it very hard to do that. just last week one man came on this show and told me about his trouble helping his 87-year-old mother get her i.d. >> drove the 25 miles there and back only to find out the dmv was, in fact, closed. she had to wait until wednesday. it was two hours in one line to get the form and subsequently another two hours to get the photo taken and finally get the i.d. >> is that easy access? what would have happened to that woman if her son wasn't there to help? of course, there's vivette applewhite, the 93-year-old who finally got her i.d. last month after a ton of media attention. she told me months ago that this new law was there for one reason and one reason only. >> i think the reason they want this i.d. and everything is because so many of the black people that doesn't have i.d. i think it's because they don't want obama in there, so i think they're trying to do something to keep the black people from having the right to vote. >> you don
eventually sent in more troops to restore order. but not before more than 160 u.s. marshals had been hurt, and two bystanders were killed. through all of this chaos and crisis, meredith didn't give up. and on october 1st, he marched back to campus, escorted by federal marshals and finally registered for class. meredith continued his fight, even after graduating. in 1966, he began a solitary march against fear, encouraging blacks to register and vote. but during the march, he was shot in the back. other civil rights leaders, including martin luther king jr., took up the march in his name. but meredith soon left the hospital and actually rejoined the march before they finished. his courage helped change a generation. and 40 years after the students riot ohhed to keep him out, he was honored with a monument on the campus of ole miss. today, 16% of the student body is african-american. you see, we live in a nation where change comes when ordinary people make extraordinary steps. when people find the courage to stand up and right wrongs. we don't see the mobs today we once saw. and we don't se
. these are arguments that go all the way back to the 1930s, and for a long time after dwight eisenhower, the republicans made their peace with social security and said americans are for this, they like this, we're not going to touch it. and suddenly, you've got ryan back there saying what he really believes, which is that the core fdr social insurance programs are really just a kind of socialism. i think he's being quite honest there. i just don't think that's where most americans are. i think, if we look back at this period in the campaign as a turning point, which it's looking more and more like we will, i think part of it will be this is a period when the country came to realize how extreme this version of republicanism and conservatism is, and that's why they're having a problem. >> president obama also addressed the aarp before ryan did by tape. let's listen because he kind of preemptively addressed some of the claims that ryan would make. let's listen to what the president said. >> medicare and social security are not handouts. you've paid into these programs your whole lives. you
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)